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Re: Nikon DSLR --> Mirrorless

Texchappy wrote:

If it were me I'd keep the D40 (it's a very good camera and you won't get too much for it) with probably the 18-55 (same reason).  I'd return the D5100.  I'd put that money aside to get what you decide you want.

Then I'd shoot the X100 until I learned how to increase the keepers from it.  It really is a powerful tool but takes some learning to master.  BTW, have you updated the firmware on the X100?  If not, that will help.  The Autofocus system (contrast detection AF) is slower but more accurate than the PDAF found on DLSR's.  I've heard good things about the wide angle converter lens for the X100.

If you can master the X100 and be happy with it then I'd guide you to the X Pro 1/XE1 if you feel you need more variety.  If you decide it's not for you, then I'd suggest selling it and taking that and the money from the 5100 and getting a D7100.

Just my 2 cents, take it for what it's worth.  Good luck with what you seek.

Yes perhaps I will keep the D40. The X100 is tough but I really love it. I am quite used to it now but it definitely has some limitations compared to an SLR. I don't know if the X-PRO or XE1 would feel similar, but I am sure they produce great jpegs even in my hands. Is Fuji due to have a hybrid cdaf/pdaf like the Sony NEX systems? If so when can we expect a release?

Definitely not going to get a D7100 at this point. Trying to move away from chunky SLRs. I'm not a pro and if I can get 90% of what I get out of a DSL in a smaller package, I'm golden. With the X100 I sometimes feel like I get much better success than the SLR.

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