Older Nikon 300 f4 AF with TC

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
ladodger New Member • Posts: 15
Re: Older Nikon 300 f4 AF with TC

Just to add some more, from your original post, it sounds like you havent bought the lens yet.  When I got mine, I ran outside to try it out, it was pretty cloudy and I was handholding it like I do with my VR lenses.  Shooting with a D800, it doenst like handholding long lenses.  At the minimum you need a monopod.  After taking some shots with a tripod using a wireless remote, mirror lock, and even using a shutter delay which I din't need because of the remote, the images were excellent for sharpness, as good as my VR lenses.  One more thing the 300mm AF F/4 close focusing distance is about 10 ft.  The AF-S is about 5 ft.  Hope this helps

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