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Re: Nikon DSLR -> Mirrorless

El Matadurr wrote:

P.S. I'm saying all this as I went from a Nikon DSLR(s) to a NEX-7 (d40 and d300). The compactness and lighter weight is immediately welcome and noticeable. I've never had a sore shoulder/neck from a long day of shooting with the camera bag slung on or the camera around my neck. It's just a feather in comparison.

Thanks for your reply. If the next thing coming for NEX is the 7N and its going to be expensive, I agree the NEX-6 may work best for me with the hybrid cdaf/pdaf. In terms of lenses, how does the sony 35mm compare to my Nikon 35mm 1.8 you think? I really like my Nikkor lens. The 10-18mm lens seems very expensive to me, not sure I would ever stomach that price. How is the 16mm or the Sigma 19mm (I know not ultra wide)? The 55-210 is something I would acquire later when I feel the need for it. So my initial outlay might be something like $1700 with the nex-6+kit lens+35mm+16mm or $2000 with the 55-210. With the jpegs, I hear Fuji jpegs are the best. My X100 spits out great jpegs that I am very pleased with. Do you think the NEX-6 can be tweaked to produce similar jpegs? Where could I find settings for that and examples? I wonder if Fuji is going to release a new system with hybrid cdaf/pdaf to rival the nex-6.

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