NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

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Re: NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

Akai Suddeth wrote:

This whole thread had me literally laughing out loud. I am seriously considering getting the Nex 6 as I have put a lot of miles on my 5n, which still works great.

You and the majority of the reply's posted get the essence of my post. I'm not mocking my camera, the NEX 6, turn each negative into a positive. I'm being sarcastic towards the remarks on these items made by the dpreview reviewers.

This is the first camera since I purchased the Nikon D700 that I enjoy using. In fact I use the 6 daily, for the fun of it. DPreview put this review out nearly 6 months after its release. I and others have been using the 6 for many many months and disagree with some of the cons pointed out by the reviewers. Why? Because we use it. The rating system matters to some and to others it could be a deal breaker, which is not fair. Not much present owners can do except to dispute what is written. Will prospective buyers believe me? No. They will lock focus on a reviewer that tested the camera in a laboratory with high tech equipment but didn't bother to sit on a bench in the park and analyze those photos. I thought my post was rather whimsical. Thanks for taking my post in a humorous way. I think I made my point, don't believe everything you read.

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