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AF now not the issue for children in my experience

Using 5R with the new firmware in the lens I just shot 500 frames of two fast moving children (2 and 4 yrs old) indoors for a day using the 50mm 1.8 SEL. They played, running around the house, doing whatever they wanted. I shot.  I had no out of focus shots.  I have done the same with the Nex 3 (CD autofocus only) and I would lose 10 shots, on average, to OOF.  Light levels were "indoor medium", brighter than nigh time indoor light, much dimmer than outdoor.  Typically I was shooting at 800-3200 iso and 125-250.  Note that the SEL5018 is the slowest AF of the SEL lineup, I believe.

Also note that in the situation I was in, the touch shutter is great. (Not available on the 6)  The two kids may be close to one another but one may be clearly the "subject" for that shot and no camera can decide which face to pick out.  In one action you touch, to choose the subject, the AF happens and the shot is taken.  It's great.  So, that, I think is what you can expect from that kind of shooting.

To my mind the AF is not the biggest factor distinguishing the Nex from the 5100. The biggest is getting the camera out of your face, shooting children while interacting with them, using the lcd to frame.  I have the electronic viewfinder but generally leave it off when shooting children indoors, my main subject.  Kids move too fast and are too low to the ground for you to hop around, with the viewfinder in your face, crouching all the time. That produces stilted non-spontaneous pictures as a higher percentage than a very mobile camera at arms length when need be.  Also the smaller the camera the more natural the kids are are with you.  AF on Nex for kids is not an issue.  Size and fast "liveview AF" is a big advantage.

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