What would be a good basic lens collection?

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Re: LBA beware

mike703 wrote:

It's a disease colloquially known as 'LBA' (Lens Buying Addiction).  Whatever collection you have isn't quite enough. You always need just that one more specialist lens to make your lens collection (and, therefore, life and happiness) complete.

Mike, I know what you mean.  I am totally miserable because I NEED more lenses and haven't figured out which ones to buy!!!

You start with your kit lens...

Everything you said is so true!  I have already discovered the shortcomings, but they are all I have.  Heard about the money pit early on, and haven't bought a single lens - my imagination tells me that there is quicksand in there, and I will never get out.

And the small Pentax primes are so.... tactile... and... collectible.... (shakes head to snap out of it).

Poof fellow - your must really have it bad!  Thank goodness you can snap out of it.

Anyway to answer your original question your two-lens zoom pair covers the 18-300 range nicely, and will do 90% of what you ever need.  A fast prime in the 35mm - 50mm range (f/1.8) is small and very useful in lower light or for portraits if you want small depth of field.  Many restrained people would stop there and call it a day; beyond that you're on the slippery slope above.  Welcome... 

Leonard also said the same thing about my lenses.  I figure I could stick with them for a while, and build my collection around them for now.  He suggested a prime as well, and also a 10-24mm for landscapes.  I like the sound of that one.  Just have to decide if the 35mm f/1.8 is the right choice.

Problem with restraining myself, is that eventually I break the bonds and go wild!  Easy to do with photography equipment - slippery slope, here I come!!!

happysnapper64 wrote:

happysnapper64 wrote:                                                                                            Hey, GMG, Mike is exaggerating a little there. I have been shooting for 18 months now & have only bought 10 lenses! so you see, it's not as bad as he says, IT'S WORSE!! :-O. Seriously, I did buy before I knew what it was I wanted them for, it's an easy trap to fall into. I have now narrowed it down to 4 or 5. I have Canon stuff, & use 15-85, 70-200, 100macro, & Sigma 120-400. I also have a Sigma WA 10-20, but since buying the 15-85 I have hardly used it at all. there is always going to be an element of overlap, nothing wrong with that. It often saves a lot of lens changing. Once I decided on my type of photography, which is a bit of everything really, it made choices easier.

Lee, Thanks for the reassurance!  Between you and Mike, I think I better wear my ice cleats when I go to buy photo equipment to keep from slipping...  The D7000 is my first DSLR, and although I was taking pictures before that (point-and-shoot digital), I count my beginning from when I took the plunge - last year in February - 13 months.

I have taken it slow because I wanted to learn more about my camera before trying to understand more lenses and techniques.  Steep learning curve.  Plus I don't want to upset my husband by spending a fortune all at once - slowly hurts less!   Sounds like we have something in common - I also like to take a bit of everything.  But it hasn't made the choices easier!   What would be easier - if I could just give in to my whimsy and fill up another backpack just with lenses (and maybe a second body, too...).

It seems that overlap is inevitable, so I accept that.  And I am beginning to see that I can build my lens collection around what I have for now, with the idea that after I round it out, then I can start to upgrade.  IF, of course, my application of techniques gets good enough to warrant such rewards!

Time to call it a night.  I enjoy reading your postings, and appreciate your response to my questions.


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