SX50 digital zoom.

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Re: SX50 digital zoom.

''Maybe I'm missing the point. Maybe you think I think I have sour grapes. I really don't. I know there are lots of people here who love the reach of the SX50 for birds, planes, etc., and I say more power to them. But now I'm curious. This camera has an admirable optical zoom equivalent of 24-1200 mm. That pushes it way beyond the $32K Sigma beast lens even with a teleconverter. If 1200 mm equivalent isn't quite getting close enough, what exactly are you trying to take picture of? Nostril hairs of the man in the moon?''

Instead of ''nostril hairs'' couldn't it be something more ordinary at the end of that long reach? How about maybe the pilot himself. Will that do it for you instead of 'nostril hairs'?

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