Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

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Re: Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

Lattimer wrote:

I intially bought into the Nex system when I was graduating from P&S and wanted something smaller than DSLR for travel. My wife and I usually end up taking one international trip per year, and I like to try and take the best pictures I can, because you never know when/if you'll be able to make it back to some of these locations.

I started with the Nex 5N and the kit 18-55 along with the Sigma 19 and 30.  I figured I could use those lenses to practice, and get the "G" zoom that was rumored to be just around the corner when it came out.  Months turned into more than a year and a half, and still no high end standard zoom is available for the e mount.  I've thought about getting the LA-EA2, but by the time I add that and an A mount lens, I could have just bought a full size DSLR.  I've worked my way up to owning most of the primes for the e mount (except 16mm pancake and the Zeiss 24) and now really feel committed to the Nex platform.

Anyway, we have a trip coming up in late April, and I was kind of holding out for the Nex 7N, but it looks like that won't be out in time. I went ahead and ordered a Nex 7 with credit card bonus points so it was "free".

Given that a higher quality zoom is unlikely to be available before our trip, should I start considering the SEL18200? Is the IQ much better than the kit SEL1855?  I dont mind swapping lenses occasionally, but if I could leave one lens on most of the time, it would make the trip much more enjoyable. If it's not clearly better than the 18-55, I guess I'll just make do with the kit lens most of the time.

The normal process of a release of an E-Mount lens tilll this day is:

1-Rumor (Optional) some site says it is going to be release some day.

2-Added to Road Map. This could be 1 or 2 years in advance

3-Officially announced by sony.

4-Released (generally 2 months after announcement.

So, we are at point 2. No announcement yet, so it wont for sure be there for end of april.

Also, generally Sony announces at the beginning (to be released in march, april, the 20mm), another released at middle of the year, then at October aprox, and finally at December (like the 35mm was released).

So, we could have it at mid year, or at end of the year. It could appear at mid year as an expensive kit for the 7n, but that is only a supposition until it is released. It could be released as a kit with the 7n, but available stand alone some months after that. The 18200 Power zoom was released in 2012 as a kit for a VG model, but became a stand alone lens in the road map this year.

By the way, this is the road map. It says high performance (not speed) G zoom. It could be anything. Even a slow lens with very good IQ. Until it is announced, all is speculation. And by the way, there is no Zeiss Zoom on the Road map. It is a rumor (step 1) very very far away, if it ever happens.


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