What would be a good basic lens collection?

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Re: What would be a good basic lens collection?

Leonard Migliore wrote:

But my working lens collection, which is what goes in my back pack when I'm out taking pictures, is a 10-24 Nikkor, a 16-85 Nikkor and a 70-300 Tamron. So my angle of view coverage is similar to yours except that I can go much wider. Since you indicated you do landscapes, I suggest getting a 10-24 Nikkor. That lens goes very wide and is quite good.

Hi Leonard!  I looked at the 10-24mm on B&H, and it sounds like a very decent lens from reading the specs.  I really would like to have a wide angle lens, and the IF is also something to like.  (Neither of my current lenses are IF.)  Thank you for recommending it.

I think I see the logic of your lens collection - as you say, you have similar coverage, but each of your lenses is more specialized than the ones I have.  Each covers a certain range better than a longer zoom would cover that particular range.

I have some prime lenses, which are nice and sharp, but I don't use them a whole lot. I have a 35mm f/1.8G, a 50mm f/1.8E, an 85mm f/1.8G and a 300mm f/4 AF-S. I don't use them a lot because their focal lengths are covered by my zooms, and the zooms are not too shabby. When I take pictures indoors, I generally use flash, so I don't really need fast lenses with their accompanying shallow depth of field.

I have been thinking about possibly acquiring a 35mm f/1.8G, mostly because of it's wide aperture.  The only time I have been using flash is for fill, so I thought it might be handy.  Eventually I should get a good flash unit and learn more about using it, but for now I still have much to learn about what I already have.  Won't the 35mm be good for portraits?  I have seen different opinions on what is best to use with the cropped sensor camera.

As is often stated here, most macro lenses are very sharp and one's selection of such a lens is primarily based on working distance...Note that the stabilization on Nikon's 105mm VR Micro Nikkor is not very effective at close distances.

The 105mm micro sounds like it will be fine for me to start doing macro shots.  Doing this on a tripod, the VR won't be an issue.  But I was wondering what you think about its usefulness for other types of photography.  I have heard that macro lenses can take excellent pictures outside of that specialized area.

I didn't mean to put this thread out there and not get back for so long!  Today was a busy day, and now it is late and I haven't been able to examine all the responses!  At least there is always tomorrow...

Thanks again for your recommendations.  I am very interested in the 10-24mm - it would fit very well with what I have already.


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