Older Nikon 300 f4 AF with TC

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
ladodger New Member • Posts: 15
Re: Older Nikon 300 f4 AF with TC

I have used the 300mm AF (not AFS) F/4, with the tc-200.  You definitly need a tripod and mirror lock up, and remote release.  The results are what you would expect, slightly soft, but with some post processing, the results are pretty good.  I use a D800 and I plan on shooting from the same position, using the TC-200 and then shooting without the converter.  Then cropping the no converter shot to duplicating the converter image and then comparing the quality.  I have a feeling that the cropped image would be better.  You can crop a D800 shot alot.  When I learn how to upload images, I will.

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