D7100 - OK, here's my first RAW-shot image (done totally by accident)

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wildlifr wrote:

ViewNX2 applies sharpening to the picture based on the camera setting you have set. The "zero" point on the ViewNX2 sharpening slider is actually the in camera setting. Yoy have to use the picture control utility to build a zero sharpening preset or use another convertor. 

It applies the picture settings to RAW files upon opening them in NX2? I didn't know that.

Yes...View/CapNX2 applies all your camera Picture Control settings when you first open the file. I like that as a starting point because I set up my camera with that in mind. It gives you the exact same thing as the JPEG in a RAW + JPG setup without the need for two files. As noted above...sharpening can be a special case and only CaptureNX2 can undo or change your ADL settings. 3rd party programs ignore ADL but that can be a real issue if you use it as it can change the real exposure parameters of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.

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