Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

I don't post much on dpreview, but I feel obligated to respond to the OP. I agree, PRO PHOTOGRAPHY IS DYING OUT!

I have spent 5 years solid trying to make it as both an event and portrait photographer in a medium size market, but like others, no takers. I have volunteered, spent thousands on equipment and produced images that are way above those crappy cell phone ones but still, no takers.

I have advertised in local HS newspapers, not one call for senior photos. From my volunteer activity, not one ever said, "hey, can you photography my wedding?"

No one cares anymore for pro level photos. The motto now is convenience (shooting with a cell phone in your pocket) trumps quality (hiring a pro photographer).

People no longer make money at doing photography, they now make money teaching it to people who have no clue that there is no job waiting for them if they complete some course or seminar or college degree. RIT in Rochester NY and Brooks Institute should be shut down or sued because they are selling a dream, snake oil to all those paying the tuition because there is not job when they graduate. Even Scott Kelby is having financial issues because of all the free content being dumped onto YouTube.

It all going away and has nothing to do with specializing, finding your niche, go with your heart the the money will follow. This is what all the instructors say because with out you believing this myth, they have no audience for there courses.

I could go on and on with more proof but I think my message is clear.

I also noted that no one listed their website to refer to so someone could juge their work to make sure thati is not the issue. Well, I feel confident in posting a link to my site. Thanks for reading this.

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