NEX-7. What can I do about this?

Started Mar 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
Carlgo Contributing Member • Posts: 532
My experience

My Nex-7 screen got the nasty peel look around the black border. It does not appear that the film on the 7 peels off like the films on the other models.

I then managed to break the screen while riding a bike. No choice but to send it to Sony with the plea to handle it under warranty because the screen was obviously bad prior to me actually breaking it and they would have had to warranty it anyway.

And that they did!

Can't complain about the service I got from Sony!

I immediately applied a glass screen, the Vello brand. I have not compared it to other brands and have no idea about the relative quality.

Does it glare? Yes, somewhat more than the original alone, but I could never use it in the sun anyway, no screen on any camera, and that is one reason I chose the 7 and its viewfinder. I can take a photo on sunny days! The screen is good overhead, inside, on days without direct sun on it... same as before for me.

What I do not know is if the replacement Sony screen is improved over the one it shipped with. Also, note that the defect did not effect actually using the camera, but it looked really ragged.

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