Nikon 18-35mm G User Review

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Re: Nikon 18-35mm G User Review

87350iroc wrote:

I have had no problem getting flare on this lens.  See below.  Other than that I like the results a lot, after a shoot on Saturday.  After all I only very rarely shoot with the sun in the frame.  Focus is SLOW and hunts more than any other lens I have.

Just curious: did you have a filter on the lens when you took these images? Also, what was the f/stop you used (no Exif in the 2 pictures you posted)? I posted in this thread a picture with the sun in the frame, shot at 18mm and wide open (f/3.5) and I can't see any flare at all.

Finally which camera are you using? Asking that because with my D600 focus is very fast and doesn't hunt at all.

Not doubting about the issues you are stating, just trying to see if these might be caused by a combination of factors (filter, f/stop, etc) or if it is QC variation. I recently went through the hassle of exchanging a faulty Nikon 28mm G lens and the new copy is so much better that I couldn't believe it was the same model.

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