New Guy Needs Help with DSLR Purchase

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Re: New Guy Needs Help with DSLR Purchase

They are shying you away from the 7d  because it is fingers crossed about to be replaced within the next few months, to six months, to year to, who knows. The 60d will probably be replaced sooner hopefully some time soon. Anyhow both the 7d and 60d use the same sensor so you might save some budget for better or more lenses with the 60d. 7d is a great camera and as good as it gets for Canon in that segment of the market, you won't be disappointed.

the only problem I have is that the 7d has the same sensor as the 60d which has the same sensor as the t2i rebel camera. I dunno it just seems overdue to replace a sensor in canons flagship crop frame camera when they are on the t5i. Again not bad and awesome camera sensor is just on the old side by today's standards coming up on 4 years pretty quick here.

the only technology on it that could be obsolete is the sensor and yeah either it's gonna be obsolete or there are gonna be some angry canon people based on the t5i reaction.  No doubt you have looked at sample images, that is what the camera is capable of, so no really it's not gonna be obsolete just a step behind.

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