How is the X-Trans' DR, really?

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Re: image of sensor

With respect if the packaging shot is your evidence that isn't evidence at all. Only a SEM with the metal layers shown or similar could be convincing that it is done by Sony.

As far as FAB goes, I don't know how you gather that Sony doesn't have the capacity. This is a major business for them, it is very clear that Sony is making Nikon's current D800/D600 sensors and Pentax's recent sensors as well. These processes aren't generic 90/65/45/32/22 nm CMOS, so you don't send them out to TSMC or the like. All semiconductor vendors sell their excess capacity.

I suspect Fuji is making their own sensor given their position in the market and history. Packages can become standards so a 1" of the package is in no way even remote evidence of what kind of design it is.

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