Holy Close Up Batman!

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Re: Holy Close Up Batman!

WirenL wrote:

This thing makes me want to buy an OM-D just for this lens!!!! 

Is this thing really going to make it capable for m4/3 users to get decent shots of birds?!?

I would like it if they made this for standard 4/3 and dare I say it... a shorter focal length as well as this one.......

This is reallllllly cool

I have the 1st edition of this. Yes, you could use it for birding, but the focus is not fast, it uses a 2 speed focus knob with about 5 turns from near to far. It works for static things like a heron glued to a tree or dead wildlife that stinks so much you can't approach too close.

At the long end the focus is soft and poor in contrast, also aiming it is nearly impossible. The first of these appears to have been fixed for the 2nd edition. For the second, I'd recommend you attach a red-dot finder to it so you can at least aim it sanely. A finder like that is just 10 or 20 dollars/pounds.

Personally I'd recommend a Rokinon/Samyang f/6.3 500mm mirror lens as you can get focus close, quickler - but the DOF makes rice-paper look thick.

I was wanting it for astro, but in the end a Celestron Regal and a m4/3 T adapter served as better for purpose.


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