D7100 1.3 Crop Mode, how to activate?

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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No change

SpenJam wrote:

I have setup the AEL button to toggle between 1.3 crop mode and DX mode, but  after trying it out with 3 different lenses, do not see any change in focal length?  Does it only work with certain lenses?  Tried activating it from the shooting menu, same non-result, what am I doing wrong here.  Read the manual and it does not list any special lens requirements, please let me know, maybe I need some additional settings changed.  Thanks!  Jim

Real focal length does not change...only how much of what the sensor sees that is recorded changes. In DX mode the whole frame gets recorded. In 1.3 mode only the inner 70% gets recorded. Try this...take a picture in DX mode of a calendar on the wall filling the view finder. Now switch to 1.3 mode and take the same pic with the calendar filling the view finder again (ignore the crop grid in the viewfinder). Now compare the two pictures on your computer...the Saturdays and Sundays are missing in 1.3 mode

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