Sigma SD1M wrong colors

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Re: Sigma SD1M wrong colors

anfat wrote:

Hi, I have a new SD1M that produce colors not true: some reds are orange, some greens are light blue; I've tried to change wb and to set up a personal wb, but with no result...which could be the cause?

This seems like a similar situation to the green cast issue of the SD14. With that we saw unit variations, but a camera dependent correction value in SPP fixed the issue. I recall Guenther Borgermeister reported he had to use different corrections for his 3 (?) cameras. And saw none of the issue in an other users SD14.

With this SD1 thing, Kendall verifies that the issue is real. Tom pointed to a post by Cinefeel, with a suggested correction value: -15Y +5R. (Might not be SPP, so a value has to be found there)

SO anfat, try some correction around what Cinefeel suggest that and see if you get closer. A workaround, yes, but not a big one.

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