DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.

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Re: DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.

chillgreg wrote:

Beat Traveller wrote:

chillgreg wrote:

I bought the 5R cause I wanted the touchscreen and svelte size and sexier body. If the eggheads at $ony sold the 5R+16-50 in the USA as they do in the rest of the world they would have a (2nd) runaway success.

A much more interesting and relevant review could have been a dual-test with the 5R and 6, and a bevy of lenses, say kit 16-50, the 24 CV, 35/1.8 and a couple of nice legacy primes. Which would cover the usage patterns of not all, but surely a large portion of the enthusiast mirrorless owners and buyers. How bout sending out 2 guys/gals for the week in a real-world on-site interesting-and-different-location-for-each-review field test?

I'm confused. If you've already made a purchase out of two cameras released concurrently, why does this review upset you? Why should they tailor reviews to your needs when you've already made up your mind?

Hi and thanks for commenting. It's not the result per se that 'upsets' me, sure I think it probably deserved a Gold and admit bias. Lying to oneself doesn't get you anywhere... I'm rapt with my 5R and naturally want to share that experience. I was disappointed that as a sister model to the 6 released almost at the same time, it could not have been included in the same review. This would also be more efficient for DPR too.

Some casual buyers just looking or information may well read the forums without becoming members, or join, ask a question or two, make their purchase and never return. Others enjoy the hobby and community and participate before, during and after their purchase. So having bought a camera does not disqualify one from having an opinion and offering feedback, positive or negative. Even though mine is negative in this instance, unlike some members that is not my "modus operandus", and I have attempted to throw out a couple of constructive ideas to balance the criticism.

If some people (not addressing you Beat traveller) get their jollies by attacking the thread and OP (moi) rather than an intelligent discussion about the content, then that is fine. That is the DPR way. I'll wade through the unhappy souls and trolls to get to the decent people or I wouldn't have stuck round this long.


I appreciate where you're coming from, but if you were hoping to offer constructive criticism on the review format and foster an intelligent debate, maybe you shouldn't have titled the thread 'DPR's downhill slide continues'.

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