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Re: So guilty its not even funny... I disagree with you for this reason.

If you had actually taken the trouble to read any of that site you would quickly realise its the definitive site for the actual facts and not US media hype. The site is what it says it is, Amanda Knox is not in the title so what's your problem? Could it be that you couldn't believe that a "hot white middle class educated chick" could not possibly be involved in murder? it was obviously the black drugs dealer who did it all on his own?

If you took the time to read all the evidence, as I did during the trial then you might actually see it differently. Let me enlighten you with some facts

In her first alibi she placed herself at the scene and tried to frame an innocent bar owner.
Her second alibi conflicted with her accomplice
Rudy Guede could not have killed her on his own, he implicated both Kercher and Sollecito as his accomplices.

There is DNA evidence that implicates her but unfortunately the Italian Police botched it up

She has changed her story and been proven to be a liar numerous times 
Her and Sollecito bought cleaning products including household bleach around the time of the murder, she was known to be slovenly and that was one of the conflicts in the house with Kercher
She behaved erratically and completely without empathy for Kercher on hearing news about Kerchers death and afterwards.

She made allegations of ill treatment by the Italian Police without any evidence to substantiate that.

To be honest thats just the tip of a very large iceberg. Now if you seriously beleive she had nothing to do with Kerchers murder after you have read all of the evidence then you'd have to be a bit thick to say the least. The suggestion that she wasn't involved is actually the most ridiculous of all.

So how did she get off?

The Italians picked the wrong prosecutor who was already under investigation himself so the defence and the American media made things very difficult for him and his credibility.

The Italian Police botched the crime scene and DNA handling so that made it easy for the Defence to discredit it on technicalities.

The Knox family went to great lengths  and expense to get the American media and PR machine rolling and it looks like they were successful. I have viewed some of the media coverage and to say it is biased, and insulting to the Italians, would be a gross understatement. The Americans poured scorn on the Italian justice system but I have only one thing to say to that - OJ Simpson.

So why is this still going on?

Simple - the Italian Police know who was there, the Italian Justice system know who was there, the Kercher family know who was there, in fact anyone who has read the whole sorry saga and is honest with themselves can see who was there. People want to see Justice done for Meredith Kercher. Amanda Knox was there, Raphaele Sollecito was there and Rudy Guede was there. Only one of them is in prison and thats not right. Now you can put your good 'ole USA of Blinkers on  because it's one of your own but she was there, and she was involved, because to suggest otherwise would be laughable.

Like you, I assumed from the way the media had continuously presented the death of Meredith Kercher that the accused were guilty until I read this article :

I have not heard from the article you sited any detailed 'facts' that point to conclusive guilt. Please read the article I sited and then give the evidence you feel is there. (details please) I have not seen it.


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