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Re: And no AA filter and Re: With greater resolution.

rhlpetrus wrote:

Well, it's obvious that DR depends on lighting and how scene reflects/absorbs it, so I can't see how this argument started. My point was that in-camera jpegs and usual camera profiles of converters have tone curves comfpressing data into about 9-10 EV of DR, as most tests show. But even there, the lowest 2-3EV are actually mostly blacks in typical jpegs. So one needs to work harder in PP to get them to show anything interesting.

What's the point of discussing DR while shooting JPEG ?

RAW is where that DR is. In a mixed light (shade + direct sunlight) those 14 EV make a heck of a difference - pushing shadows/preserving highlights or adjusting the overall exposure is pretty much a standard workflow.

But even if you shoot JPEG, you can take advantage of the DR - all you need to do is switch ADL on.

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