Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

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Re: Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

blue_skies wrote:

Also, a camera that overstates its ISO will make its user believe that the camera performs better in low light situations.

Put the results in post-editing, and you'd be surprised that the results are all the same - sensor size and sensor generation determine much of ISO noise.......

I agree with the original poster - the results, especially after post-editing, are so close that it doesn't make a noticeable difference.

Anyone who comments on major difference, is not compare the image IQ, but the OOC results.

I agree with all this. The Fuji JPG engine is simply amazing, and the Fujis seem to overstate their ISOs a little. To show an X-Trans camera is better than another, you just need to compare out of camera JPG images shot at the same ISO. For those with no interest in RAW, IMO the Fuji cameras should be well up the shopping list.

To see the reality from RAW, you can download the RAWs from the DPR site and process them yourself. Here's one I did as best I could for the NEX-7 and X-Pro1 at the same shutter speed and f-stop (so presumably they are at about the same photometric exposure).

These are so close it hardly matters considering the amount of magnification required to get down to this level. I slightly prefer the NEX-7 image, as it holds more detail and has a finer grain pattern.

The 16M pixel NEX image also looks very similar to the X-Pro1 image. This is the highest ISO available on the site for the Fuji in RAW. I believe they go higher in JPG by extending the range in software.

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