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Re: DPR Doesn't Think It's Perfect?

Annex wrote:

Personally I dont find the menus a challenge, they're simple to use if you make the effort to learn them and its very rare you need to even enter them if you set the custom/fn buttons up properly for your shooting style.

Rant away about "cheap china remote controls" (what does that have to do with NEX UIs?) and the like, but technology moves on and the days of dedicated control buttons and wheels for each and every function are gone and "experienced photogs" (ha) will end up having to adapt.

If you can't handle the change fine, stay locked in and miss out on.

The rest of us will keep on shooting.

The days of dedicated control buttons and wheels for each and every function are not gone, and it's odd to consider all of that "outdated" in some way. Why wouldn't you want everything available at the touch of a fingertip? Look at the NEX-7, or the entire Fuji X lineup, or even something like the Canon S90/95/100/etc series. All of them have more than your average number of control wheels, and that's a big draw for lots of people.

I'm not an "experienced photog" in any other sense than that I've been taking (largely unimpressive) photos for a while...but I've used tons and tons of cameras. I grew up on junky film P&Ss, then decent digital P&Ss, so I was actually pretty much raised on the sort of basic control schemes that we see on the lower-end NEX bodies now. After about 6 months with my first DSLR (a Canon 450D), I started salivating over the prosumer model (at that point the 40D)...not for the extra fps, or the sensor (it was an older, lower-res one in fact), but for the extra control wheel and the focus-point selecting joystick. I'd never had that many manual controls, and was therefore not "used to them," but I wanted them so badly that I bought a used 40D less than 8 months after I'd bought that first DSLR. And it was great!

I now use a NEX-7 and a Fuji X100. I prefer the control layout of the X100, as I love having an aperture ring and I really like the fact that "PASM" modes are set using independent settings (i.e. turning the aperture ring to "A" for Av mode) rather than a mode dial. But I think it's a bit too retro, as I don't particularly like the traditional, set-detent shutter speed dial.

So no, I don't think that the simplification of controls is "progress." I think it's simplification for the sake of delineating the boundaries between camera models. If someone produced a car with one pedal, and you had to press a Fn button to switch between Gas and Brake, I doubt lots of people would be saying "hah, you old fogeys just don't get it. One-pedal cars are the future!"

If Sony came to you and offered to install a third control wheel on your NEX-6, free of charge - would you really say "No thanks, Sony. That'd just be needlessly old-fashioned?"

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