I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...

Not everyone has to upgrade gear so quickly though. My parents are fairly avid photographers, but the main reason they have had to purchase new gear is because it got stolen. Of the 5 cameras they've owned in their lifetime, two were stolen (including an OMD-1 and a host of sweet lenses). Other than that, the two upgrades were from point and shoot to SLR, and then from film to digital.

The second is arguably the reason why they never have upgraded since, only replaced one that got stolen. Digital killed two birds with one stone for the average consumer: after you bought a camera, your continual costs were film and development. With digital, you can buy one decent memory card and the film cost is gone entirely, while development comes down to owning a computer since people don't even have to make prints or slides anymore.

Now that smartphones have for a lot of consumers killed off the need for a camera, you see camera manufacturers forced to innovate in directions they wouldn't have otherwise considered just to stay competitive. Hence we have mirrorless cameras, large sensor-compacts, video capture as a standard, new sensor array patterns, articulating screens, wifi and GPS, extremely high ISO values, etc. For enthusiasts and pros these may offer a serious reason to upgrade, and if you're a pro, your livelihood presumably depends on having the best gear to suit your task. But for your average consumer it isn't more expensive at all, it's far cheaper.

Unless you're the kind of person who 'must' upgrade your smartphone every single year, that is.

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