Serious doubts on the D7100 at high ISO

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Re: Serious doubts on the D7100 at high ISO

As i wrote in the previous post i've to say something more about my way of living photography.

I'm not a photographer, I am a physicist working at the moment in the IT and communications field. I use one half of my photo production for work as i wrote in a previous post, and don't use to post process anything. This is the normal part.

The other part of my production is a personal research i conduct since i bought this camera.

It's about the relation between the light and the place where i live, Matera, that is not a common place. It's a place where man lives continuously since the Upper Palaeolithic. At present there is a large scientific and cultural gap of what happened here across thousands of years.

I found something very special (in part published in scientific papers) on the relation between light and the habits of the men during their continuity presence in this place. The light has been the main guide to achieve these results. We are talking about results in archeology and archeoastronomy.

Here is a picture of a very small part of this place

D7100 + tokina 11-16

This is a canyon with a lot of caves and rupestrian villages where every step you make
can be the last if you don't pay attention. Where is not the gravity or the rock the obstacle, you have a mediterranean jungle.

Going there as i usually do with a 10 kg backpack on the shoulder with two wide angles, a macro, a 70-200 and a 300, sometime also with the tripod, is more complicated than going in a safari. This place is much more wilde than you can imagine. All this effort not to lose the quality of one corner of the natural and cultural magnificence of this place.

When is possible or needed (frequently by scientific reason) the safari starts at the sunrise and finish at the sunset. I normally come back with 700 pictures that includes birds, flowers, mammals, other than caves, landascapes and pictures that support cultural or scientific aspects.

D7100 + tokina 16-50

Then there are some special moments like the following picture shows where you have to stay there or you loose the moment (3-5 minutes at all 2 time per year) The last time i had the camera with the 300 and a wind of 50-60 km/h impossible to shoot with tripod.

Sunset at the equinox - D90 + nikon 300/4 blowing in the wind

Well you may ask now what does it matter with the doubts on the D7100 iso performance.
You're right.

I needed a second body specific for the second part of my production and reading aboutthe D7100 it offers:
Improved AF - welcome
1.3 DX - welcome
better sensor - it's a great battle in this type of landscape
better video - welcome but tripod needed
Back to our thread, the most important result i've got up to now is that the D90 has covered gloriously all the part of my work and of this special production that goes from sunrise to sunset strictly in the 200 - 400 iso range, all manual settings, NEF, and no post processing.

In the 400 - 1600 (and over) range here there is the dark side of thousand years of history
at least as important as the sunny side.
I want to thank particularly Hulamike, fireplace33, and Mako2011 for their post.

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