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joe6pack wrote:

ccnell wrote:

tkpatric wrote:

Looks like the P330 does very well!

P330 looks a bit over sharpened? And XZ-10 is not sharpen AT ALL, not even @F4.

It does appear P330 is over sharpening, base on the following pic:


it is hard to believe that the tree from P330 is the same tree! Hopefully, it can be turned off or mitigated with RAW.

Yes, most of the better Nikon cameras, including the P330, have Picture Control which are different profiles - Standard, Neutral, Landscape, Vivid, B&W.  And you have the ability to customize each of the parameters of each profile - Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness.  These usually only affect JPEGs.  The P330 RAW files will not have such high default sharpening settings, of course.

The XZ-10 is equally disappointing. What's up with all the haze?

If you are referring to the comparison crops above, I think it's more lower contrast than haze.  The XZ-10 images I've seen, and the converted RAWs in my previous post actually look quite good considering the fairly small 1/2.3" sensor.  It's a nice little camera, but I think other than the faster lens, the P330 may offer better IQ.

That being said, we've already seen another 1/2.3" camera, the Pentax Q, that has extremely good IQ, so I wouldn't discount the XZ-10 based on sensor size.  The lens and compact body are certainly attractive.  It's definitely on my short list along with the P330 and a couple of other compacts.

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