DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.

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Re: DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.

chillgreg wrote:

No personal offense to Jeff, but this review is long, predictable, repetitive and boring. Pretty much no different than an amalgam of a dozen of other-site reviews over the past 6 months. No interesting field-test video which is becoming very popular across all categories of electronics. Even the focus on controlled studio benchmarking has been dulled. The good ol' battery and body size comparison charts have gone too have you noticed?

But instead it's the same tired old format, 3 pages of menu listings, which honestly its pretty easy to find the user manual online if you're after that depth of minutia before you buy something; so DPR providing a link would take 1 minute, instead of the several hours it would take to do this. The conclusion is almost a verbatim copy and paste of the review content!

One must realise that the intended readership of DPR reviews is not forum frequenters who already know everything or how to find everything. DPR reviews are meant to be a one-stop-shop for an average buyer, most likely a first time buyer (of this camera class).

DPR's buddies at DXO Labs like to point out that comparing different sensor sizes and resolutions without equivalency resizing is pointless. If that is true, then what good are the DPR comparison tools actually for if they can't be relied on to produce print equivalent results?

DP loves to stick to what they always do, even if it is proven wrong or pointless. apart from your example, there is also jpeg DR test and use of different exposures and lenses for same type of cameras etc.

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