New Canon Rebel closing the gap on M4/3s

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Re: Why I don't think it is.

Mike Fewster wrote:

Thom has just re;eased an analysis of camera sales. Ehile others have commented on the sales figures(miirorless flat and low penetration in USA, compact sales falling steeply) he picked up an interesting point. It is the lower priced models in all categories where sales are falling off, the top end models are holding or increasing.

I think this shows that photographers, as distinct from snapshooters, want fully featured, top range cameras. The more casual shooter is moving more to phone cams and it is the middle market that is drying up.

I think serious photographers have always wanted the best cameras they could afford.

Imo, smartphone cameras are the main reason behind the decline in sales of both P&S and entry level ILCs.  This is bad news for all camera makers, including Olympus & Panasonic.  However, it doesn't mean that entry level ILCs can't be sold at a profit.

The relevance of this to the post is that I think Canon have it wrong with the new model. If they want to make a dent in the mirrorless sales with a dslr, they need a very classy small dslr, not something that looks like a cut down of an existing model. This is difficult to do. Small dslrs have smaller mirrors and once you do that the viewfinder starts to suffer. If you want OVF you want the biggest possible mirror in there or it is kind of pointless.

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Thom also noted that Canon is now fully bracketing the mirrorless models.  One way of looking at this is that Canon can afford to attack mirrorless with multiple cameras.  Despite the shortcomings of the EOS-M and 100D, they will hurt mirrorless sales.  Canon will heavily market the 100D and stores will display it and the EOS-M right next to the Rebels.  The EOS-M double kit lens is currently the 10th best selling ILC configuration in Japan (#2 among mirrorless).  The top CSC on Amazon (NEX-6) ranks 133rd in Camera & Photo and the #2 CSC (G5) is 188th.  In comparison, the top 3 DSLRs are Canons that are also in the top 10 in the Camera & Photo category (T3i is 4th, T4i is 8th, T3 is 10th).

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