E-M5 Lens question or two.

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Re: E-M5 Lens question or two.

Can I take it that the 12-50ED with the camera is the bundle to order or am I better off with the body only and ....    what as a walk around zoom?? As a reference I find the range on my 15-85 APS-C Canon lens to be an ideal range for most purposes although a little shorter on the long end would not be a problem. That lens is a FF 24-136 equivalent vs the FF equivalent  24-100 of the 12 -50 ED.  I don't see myself using a m4/3 14-140 as a walk around as the greater the span the greater the compromises.

OK, if you're into long trips, going God-knows-where, you really ought to take advantage of the OM-D's potential weather sealing.  That was the sole reason I forked out the measly $300 for the generally OK 12-50.  On a boat, in the snow or sand, or in the rain, a weather sealed camera/lens combo is the only way to go.  I think of that 12-50 as a sort of space-saver spare tire in the trunk of my car: not great for performance, but an absolute necessity when you need it.

Unfortunately, that doesn't leave you with too many options at this time (more weather sealed m4/3 lenses are in the pipeline though).  The Panny 12-35 2.8 is a fairly nice walk around normal to wide zoom, and their 35-100 2.8 works the mid-telephoto end of things.  Their optical quality is quite good, although not breathtaking.  Their biggest drawback is that their price is awfully high for what you get.  No, it's not highway robbery, but far from the relative bargain which the Oly 12-50 is when you buy it with the camera.  But those are the sole choices at this time.

And, if you want a non-sealed zoom, you couldn't pick a better time to buy one:  Olympus is updating their 75-300 telephoto zoom, calling it the Mk II.  For $550, it's quite reasonably priced.  I wouldn't be surpised to see some radically marked down Mk I, lenses around after the Mk II hits the streets any day now.


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