Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Funny response...

I understand that you favor the softer looking crop -- and I venture to say that most lady portrait clients prefer a softer look.

However, I do find it rather funny that people on these forums debate ad-infinitum about the need for resolution and sharpness, and how full frame sensor have such an advantage in fine detail rendering, and how many lines of resolution a given lens has vs. another, etc.

Then when a close-up crop of a portrait reveals more detail than another, it is referred to as having 'the digitals'.

The E-M5 image is not digitally over-sharpened. There are no sharpening artifacts, only very fine specular highlights from the subject's make up. Since the OP shoots a lot of model photography I would think that extreme detail would be desirable -- maybe not.

I can pretty easily soften the look of the E-M5 image, but sharpening the E-5 image if that were needed, would be a bit more of a challenge without making it truly giving it 'the digitals':-)

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