Olympus 12 mm - F/2 ... Is it worth the $$ ?

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Hold it right there, pardner

G1Houston wrote:

Randell Tober wrote:

I know it's an awesome lens, but can I do as well with a comparable- close second for the cost?

Like many have already said, it all depends on what you plan to shoot.  Do you need 12mm?  Do you need f2?  Do you need the build quality in this lens that is more designed for the pro?  These three things cost you extra.

If you need 12mm and do not care about f2, then the only cheaper choice is the 9-18.  If you want 12mm and f2, there is really no other choice.  The 14/2.5 is wide enough and fast enough and much cheaper.

You're leaving out the SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 12mm t/1.6. As long as the OP doesn't need AF at this short focal length, this lens is faster and cheaper than the Oly. It's also gotten some good reviews, and I believe it's also made out of metal.

Add that as another cheaper choice if AF isn't required.


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