DPR's downhill slide continues with the Sony NEX 6 Review.

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Re: talk about long and boring......

I'm not offended at all. As long as good manners are on offer, say your piece.

However meandering and lengthy for those that prefer short, sharp and blunt, there is plenty of substance to be found. Especially if one has an opinion regarding DPR's

(A) Lack of reviews in quantity and timeliness

(B) Arguably an ongoing but tangible reduction in quality and depth

If English is one's first language and one finished high school, then one should have no trouble with the whole piece.

However in the interests of brevity, and to assist with comprehension, the following excerpts provide an adequate summation:

"No personal offense to Jeff, but this review is long, predictable, repetitive and boring. Pretty much no different than an amalgam of a dozen of other-site reviews over the past 6 months.

A much more interesting and relevant review could have been a dual-test with the 5R and 6, and a bevy of lenses, say kit 16-50, the 24 CV, 35/1.8 and a couple of nice legacy primes. Which would cover the usage patterns of not all, but surely a large portion of the enthusiast mirrorless owners and buyers. How bout sending out 2 guys/gals for the week in a real-world on-site interesting-and-different-location-for-each-review field test?

For some reviews a DPR member owner could be invited along for a day, for some owners impressions (some car mags do this). And concurrently make a vid-doc with the same cameras as well. Now that would be a sophisticated, highly-engaging and unique REVIEW. Which when combined with the traditional and reliable studio testing provide a really content-wealthy point-of-difference for DPR that few if any competitors or pumped up bloggers have the resources or know-how to match.

Agree/disagree that's fine. But there's no denying the consistent and common call from readers for DPR to produce more reviews, more frequently. Or just be honest and change the name to Digital Photographic Preview. ;)"


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