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Re: test request for Kim

alexisgreat wrote:

I swear I have enlarged M size to L size on some super fine print and still cannot find any kind of resolution advantage to the L size image.... it just uses more space on the card.  Still trying to figure out why L size DR 400 image seems to be dimmer than M size DR 400 (same DR though as the shadows are also darker).... Kim I know you've done this before with previous cams, but can you do another L size DR 400 vs M size DR 400 test, at AUTO ISO 400 and AUTO ISO 3200..... I dont know if you could do both indoors and outdoors (if you have that much time) but I want to see if the HS50 and F900 show the same results that I've been seeing.  The indoor test would be more easily controlled- where you could analyze resolution on fine print, shadow noise and DR (especially on specular highlights)..... NR Low and Sharpening Low to maximize image quality.

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That's pointless, in average to good light the M size image will be at ISO100 and the L size ISO400 so the M size will always look cleaner/better.

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