Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Re: Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

While I totally agree with you regarding the battery life issue -- which is not huge because I simply carry a bunch of charged replacement batteries on a shoot -- I don't agree on the other two issues you raised.

If shooting with flash in sunny conditions, there is no reason I know of why simply using a polarizing filter won't solve the low ISO issue -- plus your skies will benefit:-)

Also, you stated that your tests have shown no difference in image quality between the E-5 and E-M5 at ISO's lower than 1600. I find that there is a clear difference in terms of fine detail and sharpness. Some might say the E-M5 is too sharp in regard to portraits. That is a personal preference issue, but there certainly is a difference.

Below are two 100% crops from two difference location corporate head and shoulder shoots I've done recently. The first was shot with my E-5, 50-200mm @ f/4, ISO 200. The second was using my E-M5 with the Pany 35-100mm @ f/5, ISO 200. Both were shot as Jpeg files.

I might add that I used 'eye' detect AF with my E-M5, and every shot out of 512 exposures was spot on.

I'm not campaigning for using the E-M5 over the E-5 -- all of that is a personal choice. But I do find that for most portrait and event work the E-M5 is doing a better job for me.

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