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Kim Letkeman
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nope ...

tman1991 wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

6MP is more than enough for an A3 print.

(did you mean a3 or a3+ ?)

Makes no difference. A3+ is a standard because that happens to be the largest size paper most large format ink jets can handle.

And Paul is dead on that 6mp is enough, although there is the presumption that the 6mp is of sufficient pixel quality to support enlargement.

And there is the rub ...

To get the skinny on all this, consider reading this article:


maybe.. But thats less than 200dpi.. Which really is pushing the limits..

It sounds like you would naively accept 400 horrifically poor quality pixels over 100 stunningly sharp pixels. I have printed 12x18 with output from the 4mp D2Hs and the prints look amazing. And this was of a bride-to-be with fine hair and such.

If you read the article I linked, and look at most of Thom Hogans reviews from the past, he is quite clear on this issue of pixel quality. Doubling resolution is simply not a problem when the pixels are very good.

I have printed 8MP A3+, but prefer 12 or 16.

If they are superb pixels, then you can see a slight difference when you double resolution to 16mp (12 will be pretty much invisible if you shot both images competently.) But to double linear resolution and make an obvious difference, you actually need to increase resolution by 4x.

And if you say you are printing 6MP at A3+ most will laugh at you.

As Paul says, who are these most you are quoting?

In fact, generalizations that ignore pixel quality are laughable.

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