Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

I can sell the stuff I have for pro use and get the stuff I want for my own use. Two different setups entirely. I won't need any Canon speedlites for my own use as I do purely landscape and available light. I won't need the long lenses either as my own personal stuff is done with anything between about 14mm and 80mm. Similarly - for my own use I won't use zooms. I'll stick with primes. I also don't need two bodies for personal use. The bodies are where I've really dropped money.

It's all about selling what I have (which might or might not cover what I want to buy) and getting the stuff I want for my own use. I am well aware that I have some very nice Nikon AIS lenses at my parents house. I figure if I dump Canon and go for landscape etc then I can get a nice Nikon camera and use my existing manual focus AIS lenses. I have autofocus on my Canons and I hate autofocus. I'd much rather a nice full freznel screen and manual focus so that I can actually see my point of focus and whether it's in focus. These autofocus things can be a hair one way or the other and there's no telling which way they're going to be. Even if they're on a tripod, they will focus in a different place each time.

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