E-M5 Lens question or two.

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Re: E-M5 Lens question or two.

PAUL TILL wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

I think the 12-50 has unacceptable soft edges at 12mm. Other people maybe don't have that problem.

At 14mm, the smaller, lighter and less expensive m.zuiko 14-42mm II kit lens has better image quality in my opinion.

At longer focal lengths, the 12-50 is generally as good or better than the 14-42mm II.

Perhaps the 12-50 has better wide open performance than the 14-42mm II which needs to be stopped down. Although remember that "wide open" isn't really that wide open on either of these kit lenses, but even less so on the 12-50.

I usually use the 14-42m II, because of the size/weight and I just like it better. And I have the lens hood for the 14-42mm II.

The 12-50mm is designed to look and feel like a more premium lens than the 14-42mm II, but it doesn't deliver premium image quality.

Have you actually used one? I see you shoot a PEN, don't they come with the fiddly 14-42mm?

A 12-50 came with my E-M5. I don't use it because I don't like it. For the reasons I said above.

Perhaps YOU don't have any experience with the 14-42mm II. It's certainly sharp enough to make a razor-sharp 1 MP image for web-sized viewing.

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