D7100 - OK, here's my first RAW-shot image (done totally by accident)

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RudyPohl wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

it's hard to go back.

I still recall my excitement when I bought the D80 in mid 2007 and downloaded the CNX trial version that came with it.

Once I started paying with u-point tools I never went back to jpeg shooting. Later I learned about WB control, then HLs and LLs recovery tools became available and RAW became even more relevant.

If you test recovering shadows or HLs with jpegs and raws you will see the difference. WB, of course, is the single most important reason to shoot RAW.

Good luck! (But View NX is just a converter, no actual PPing capabilities like CNX2 or other PP softs).

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Good shooting and good luck
(after Ed Murrow)

Hi Renato:

Yes, I am aware that View NX2 is just a converter, but it'll do just fie until Adobe's DNG Converter supports the NEF files from the D7100.

By the way, I find the RAW files from the D7100 are just fabulous. I applied ZERO sharpening, zero noise reduction, zero brightness, contrast etc, on this image, all I did was lighten the blacks on the head a little to bring out shadow detail and that's it.


Nice example. Thanks for sharing. One note. ViewNX2 applies sharpening to the picture based on the camera setting you have set. The "zero" point on the ViewNX2 sharpening slider is actually the in camera setting. Yoy have to use the picture control utility to build a zero sharpening preset or use another convertor.  Good luck and enjoy.

Here is another nice way to do AF-Fine tune if you'd like another option


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