Magnifying viewcups

Started Mar 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
Simon Cowell Senior Member • Posts: 2,537
Re: TENBA vs. ME-1

I've got the Tenba one as well as the ME-1. The Tenba offers larger magnification but the ME-1 is slightly clearer.

One thing to note about the Tenba is that the mount has to be screwed otherwise the eyecap gets loose (the ME-1 is different). This can be a problem because the metal clip of  the Tenba seems to be stronger than the Olympus rails on the body and can bent  them easily if you happen to drop the camera. This is what happened to me with the E-500. I think if I had the ME-1 at the time, I could have got away with the drop because the ME-1 is not very tight and it probably slide away from the body without further damage.

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