D7100 - OK, here's my first RAW-shot image (done totally by accident)

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Re: D7100 - OK, here's my first RAW-shot image (done totally by accident)

the Mtn Man wrote:

RudyPohl wrote:

I went out today testing my new camera and didn't realize that I accidentally changed my settings from Fine JPEG to RAW only. Thanks to a member here I was put on to Nikon's View NX2 and was able to convert my files to JPEG's.

So out of curiosity, why don't you shoot RAW?  Everything I've read leads me to believe that it's largely superior to JPEG and gives you a wider latitude for post-processing.

Hi Mtn Man:

Actually, I always do shoot and post process in RAW, never JPEG.

I'm brand new to Nikon and I didn't know that there was already free software support for the NEF files that my new D7100 produces. I do all my processing in Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Camera Raw and my software does not support NEF files.

Now that I have Nikon's View NX2, and seeing that it does such a great job, I'll be shooting all RAW from now on.


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