How can I determine what a bad sector affects?

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Final results

Not having found a simple program that would just scan the entire hard drive and then list file names that contained bad sectors, here's what we ended up doing:

  1. My friend noted the date of his last error free backup (which was recent).
  2. He saved any files that he worked on since the last good backup.
  3. Located and saved his Outlook Express folder (WinXP).
  4. Gave him a known good IDE hard drive that I had, and replaced the problem HDD with it.
  5. Restored his last good Acronis backup on the replacement HDD.
  6. Manually restored the files he saved in step-2.
  7. Renamed the restored Outlook Express folder (step-5) with an "Old" suffix.
  8. Copied the saved Outlook Express folder (step-3) to the replacement HDD.
  9. Back up and running.
  10. Did a full hard drive backup and no errors or bad sectors were detected.

STEPS 7 & 8:
I renamed the Outlook Express folder in step-7 to keep that known good folder (but with outdated emails) in case the restored Outlook Express folder with all latest emails (step-8) has problems.  But since the Outlook Express folder was saved in step-3 without any sector read errors, it should be fine.  He can delete the old Outlook Express folder later when he wants to.

Thanks to all for your input, and to MikeFromMesa for taking the time to research and post his links,

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