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Can only recommend a NAS with RAID 5 (2-4 mirrored disks). Even better: Get two, place one of them in your grandmothers attic and set up a mirror between the two NAS units.

A RAID is not a replacement for a back-up. Yes, you get more protection from failed drives, but you are still relying on a single piece of hardware (the RAID controller), and if that fails all your data is gone.

I know, I work in an IT department, next to the guys who told me that in +10y. But in real life hard disks don't break down that often, and a RAID5 smashing up all data - "never" happens. You have to find a reasonable level of security. By the way - it's not correct to say all data is gone with a faulty RAID controller.

What I do is keep all data on my workstation (=performance) and backup on a RAID5 NAS, psychically stowed in a place where no one would find it. Ever. That's 3 times redundancy. Still, a fire would destroy everything, so from time to time I put a complete encrypted backup on a disk, I can store in an unsafe place at work for instance. I'm covered for anything but a hydrogen bomb.

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