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Re: pretty nice series, yawning tiger is a real gem ... but ...

tman1991 wrote:

alexisgreat wrote:

Honestly, I dont understand this fascination with 12MP either- if you print only up to 7.5x10, you CANNOT get any more resolution past 7 MP on Canon and HP printers or past 10 MP on Epson or Lexmark printers.  The only reason to ever go past those resolution for 99.9% of us who never print larger than that is for cropping.  And I find 100 percent crops to be absolutely horrid on any of these pinhead sensors so zooming is far better than cropping.  I would even chose a teleconverter over cropping.

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Thats not totally true.  Depends on which printer you are talking about.  I have a Canon Pixma Pro 9500II and it has a native resolution higher than 300 dpi (which is what I inferred from your  7MP picture at 7.5x10 in)

And for me native MP is key..  Since I print A3+ 95% of the time.

6MP is more than enough for an A3 print.

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