NEX Birding - Spring Migration (55-210+DH1758)

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KingCharles wrote:

I looked up that ID for the converter and it looks like a 58mm thread converter for a non-nex system...

Indeed - it's a 58mm threaded screw on adapter, made originally for the Sony H2 and H5 superzoom cameras.  A 49mm to 58mm step up ring does the trick for the 55-210...and the results are surprisingly good.  There may be slight variance with the other types of teleextenders out there - some have proven to give very good results, others mixed results.  The Sony Dh1758 model seems to be fairly widely accepted as one of the best of this type of extender, and also one that compliments the 55-210mm lens nicely in size and weight.

I assume you are using a step up ring, and mounting it on the 55-210? It looks pretty sharp. I had been looking at getting a cheap f/8 500mm reflex lens, but this may be a better solution since I use the 55-210 on my nature walks more than anything else.

For me, the key selling feature for this combo is that it maintains small size and lightness, while still reaping the benefit of autofocus and stabilization.  Other solutions may work very well - a 500mm reflex on the LA-EA2 adapter would get autofocus capability but not stabilization - in good light that should still be fine.  Other EA2 adapter options from the Alpha line would be great, but heavy and expensive.  I really wanted a second camera body that could be very light and easy to walk around with, so I could shoot strictly handheld and very 'improv' style - I don't necessarily set up my shots, but walk around and shoot birding opportunities as they occur, light, fast, and autofocus are definitely big attributes for me.

Got some more info on this setup and where I can get the converter?

This is the biggest problem - only because the extenders are no longer in production, and after I and a few others started shooting with them adapted to our NEXes, there was a big run on them from all the usual used internet sites...they went from $80 or so up over $200 or so as they dwindled and the remaining sellers saw an opportunity to gouge.  I'd be hard pressed to recommend anyone pay more than $150 for them, which would be the max fair trade price I'd think they're worth.

Here's a pic of the converter attached to the 55-210mm lens, to get an idea of the look and how it fits:

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