Notebook, Tower PC, All-in-one - what is your hardware ?

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Be careful of available video port connections

jubilatu wrote:

Nevertheless a 14-16 inch notebook + a good monitor is a clever idea - never cross my mind.

Be careful, as most laptops will not support anything higher than 1920x1200 via HDMI or VGA connections.

You'll need a dual link DVI port (not a single link DVI port) or DisplayPort to get 2560x1440 resolution with most laptops (which will limit your choices significantly).

But, if you don't need the portability anyway (as it sounds like you have no need to bring a laptop with you to client sites from what I understand from your previous posts), why bother to buy one instead of a desktop?

IOW, you can find a more powerful machine with a faster CPU, better expandability (disk drives, video cards, other addon cards, etc.) by using a desktop instead of a laptop.  With a laptop, you're usually stuck with the video chipset it ships with, and have fewer options for upgrading memory, limited ability to add more hard drive space without going external, slower CPUs (lower wattage mobile models that are limited compared to the desktop versions), etc.

Sure, you could find a nice enough laptop with appropriate video connections, then use external drive storage if needed.  But, the CPUs are not going to be as fast as the desktop models (for example, Core i7 mobile CPUs versus Core i7 desktop CPUs), and you're usually more limited on memory upgrades, drive upgrades, video chipsets used, etc.

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