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...I have a home-built computer on my local LAN running the original Windows Home Server. It is a very efficient back up system that only copies cluster changes from a drive as needed, not the whole file as in an incremental backup. It has redundancy in case one of the drives in the system fails. Has scheduled automatic backup. Can add additional drives to the storage no matter what size and it automatically includes them into the backup and redundancy (the latest WHS cannot do this). At any time I can retrieve any file that has been backed up.  I also use it as a server where all our CDs, my program install files and other important files like photos I do not keep on our computers are stored. My DAM, Extensis Portfolio, keeps a record of all stored files with thumbnails of every photo. If needed a complete restore of a disk can be done from a backed up disk.

Of course it is located in our home not remotely so a small danger there. But, the data is not in the cloud where it can be hacked.

Just a note about cloud backup services. Not all cloud backup services are equal. Most cloud services will encrypt the data as it leaves your computer and also keep it encrypted on their servers BUT they will do it with a key that they have knowledge of.  So technically even if they keep the data encrypted there is always a tiny possibility that disgruntled employees or badly implemented key management systems in their data centers can make your data vulnerable to hackers. I would still contend that with reputable backup companies that possibility is still low.  A few companies (e.g. Crashplan) will offer you an option to create your own local encryption key which is used to encrypt the data as it leaves your computer. The downside is that if you lost the local key you are done! The cloud backup company has no way to decrypt your data. If you  are diligent iin managing that local key (there are several ways of doing it easily)  this option makes your cloud backup practically impossible to hack.  Usually they refer to this as a zero knowledge backup.

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