The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

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Re: The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

aleS. wrote:

My point is simple. If you go through the thread I'm sure you will understand it. Basically I'm hesitant because I like what it comes from the X100 a lot and I think I will have to get use to what it comes from the X100s because it's different and, to me, lacks a lot of qualities that I liked. Totally subjetive as I said in my post.

But I cannot be 100% sure about one thing or the other until I take more pictures. We'll see.

I have read the thread (well most). It just sounded as though you went from 'brilliant in every way...' to 'brilliant but...' to 'we'll see...' in one foul swoop.

However, I think I get where your coming from now, and will be very interested in you final judgements after using the camera for a while longer. I have the X100 and have considered upgrading, but am in no rush and like real peoples opinions like yours.

From examples I have seen, I actually like the way the white balance works.

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