Switzerland already more European than the UK?

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Re: Switzerland already more European than the UK?

Christoph Stephan wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

The regulatory framework needs to be put into law. Usually it is an EU law, which then is translated into national legislation.

Take the registration of new pesticides or medicines for example. Massive research has to be done to develop these products and get them registered. If every country has a different legislative and bureaucratic framework, a company would have to go though many parrallel registration procedures to have it registered in every single country. This would drive up costs. And often these different procedures would be the same, just wrapped into different national bureaucracies and multiple paperwork, because behind the regulations are universal findings of medical and environmental science.

Actually in Austria the EU is criticised in a simlar way, but from the opposite end, their fear is that environmental standards are watered down by the EU...

Sorry, I could care less about that when I weigh up the consequences of unprotected borders and my countries inability to deport known terrorists while they stick their fingers up to the law. That's before I even get into an overstretched NHS, lack of housing and a benefits bill which we cant afford even now.

I do have the impression that this is merely gut feeling. I do not have the numbers, but I bet that competitiveness of industry and a favourable climate and cutting costs for the development and registration of new innovative products bring in more revenue than the issues you raise cost.

In comparison to these economic benefits the question whether this terrorist spends his time in a UK prison or a Jordanian prison is just peanuts, for example. This is mainly an emotive issue.

Also, if there is upheaval in Jordan, he may get freed and might cost even more in money and lives.

Well, I do not have the absolute numbers, therefore it is pointless to continue discussion. On both of our sides it is gut feeling. I just wanted to highlight alternative thoughts.

Chris, of course, I understand that. Personally I believe the overall cost outweighs the benefits but that is not my main concern. My main concern is the well documented and deliberate lies told by successive British governments to the British people. I am also concerned about losing sovereignty to an undemocratic and systemically corrupt organisation. That is my personal belief and its shared by many.

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