Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

Oh and I forgot to mention... I went to a new accountant the other day to get my taxes done. I said I have a small business. He said "let me guess, photography". I was surprised. He said he sees 500 people a year that say they started a new business and it always turns out to be photography and none of them have the business by the end of the next year. There is no business - even in the big city, 100 miles from where I live.

My thoughts exactly.. My business has gone down the past 2 years. Only 3 weddings for this year.

My price is @ $2700 per.

I have some family shoots coming up and these are coming from people that I know or who recommended me.. My FB page is a joke.. Hits to my website have dropped off a lot.

So I am positive its not just me, everyone is slowing down. True, there are still some hi priced studios who are "IN" with money crowd, they get work but for the majority not enough of the pie for everyone.

I just think that unless you find some niche where someone will pay you, the majority dont need a photographer not when they have other priorities to pay for.

People need to put food on their tables, and that is going up in price.. The things we need will sky rocket once the con game is over and they have to print massive amounts of money, hyperinflation.

the party is over.. the american so called dream has gone POOF!

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